aurora xxi, ink & gouache
Articles and Essays

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2018 Interview with Olivia Petrides at Meet Olivia Petrides.

2016 Video, Interview at Elmhurst College exhibit Polar Nights.

Interview by Suellen Rocca and Sarah Krepp. Video editing by Alicia Healy.

2016 Kieft Accelerator ArtSpace, Elmhurst College, In Search of the Sublime.

Exhibit Essay by Lanny Silverman.

2012 Catalog, Quincy Arts Center, Olivia Petrides: Of Acorns & Auroras.

Essay by Peggy Macnamara.
Essay by Doug Stapleton.

2011 Ciezadlo, Janine A. Drawings of the Aurora Borealis: New Work by Olivia Petrides.

2005 Bonesteel, Michael. Seas of Possibilities:The Paintings of Olivia Petrides & Sarah Krepp.

2004 Haralambides, Kiki. The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center Presents Olivia Petrides, February 20.

1998 Hawkins, Margaret, Freeze Frames: Petrides’ Paintings Take Viewers Out to Sea,

Chicago Sun-Times, July 24, Weekend Plus/Arts Section, p. 49.

1997 Savage, Todd, Art People: Olivia Petrides’ Voyages of Discovery, Chicago Reader,

October 3, Section 1, p. 46.

1996 Andreae, Christopher. Sublime Landscapes Translated into a Trio of Tongues,

The Christian Science Monitor, August 28.

1994 Asgeirsson, Bragi. Olivia Petrides: Time and Eternity, Morgunbladid 12 August, 1994.