Bartlett Ravine spacer Lake Prism spacer Earth Bark Prism spacer Foliage Prism
Openlands Sculpture

The new Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, near Fort Sheridan Illinios, is 77 acres of varied terrain, including three lush ravines, towering bluffs overlooking sweeping Lake Michigan vistas, and an innovative interpretive plan of signage and site-specific art installations. Six artists were selected to create work. For her project, Olivia Petrides designed three triangular columns based on color notes made over four seasons of visits to the Lakeshore Preserve. Each sculpture reflects hues within its particular setting.

Marwen Art @ Work 2012: Prisms,
This film is a result of a creative partnership between Marwen and Openlands. In the summer of 2012, eighteen high school studens from Marwen's Art @ Work program were commissioned to create five short films based on the artworks at the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve. This video highlights Olivia Petrides' Prisms.

Ed Hermann, Podcast: Leaf & Earth/Bark Prisms,
An interpretive environmental sound piece using elements of an interview with Olivia Petrides.

Barbara Brotman, Lines Between Art & Nature Blur at Fort Sheridan Ravine, Chicago Tribune Features, September 28, 2011.